Free Digital Pre start checks for your machinery & equipment

✔️ Quick, paperless, shareable pre starts

✔️  Real time results – know immediately if your machine is safe to use

✔️  Powered by Plant Assessor – meaning all your machines & users will be readily available in Pre Start Plus.
Simply download the app and login with your existing Plant Assessor details. Don’t have an account? Click here.

Save time & money

Ditch your pre start booklets. Save approximately $80 per machine per year by switching to free machine specific digital pre start checks. Never lose another piece of paperwork.

Easy to use

Complete daily pre start checks straight from your phone. Sign up in a few simple steps or login using your existing Plant Assessor membership details. Get started.

Share results

Share your pre start checks with contractors &
co-workers with a click of a button. Prove your machinery & equipment is compliant and get on site quicker.

Work offline

On a site with limited or no phone reception? Not a problem! – with Pre Start Plus you can complete pre start checks offline.

How do I complete a pre start check?

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